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Florical Systems

Kalahari Resorts & Conventions
Round Rock, TX

Corporate Information

Web: www.florical.com
Phone: 801-557-0724
Address: 4500 NW 27th Ave., Building B-1
Gainesville, FL 32606
United States

Since 1985, Florical Systems provides automation systems for television broadcasters around the world. Florical is known as a best-of-breed automation system partner, and high-quality provider of fully integrated channel-in-a-box solutions with its premiere product: Acuitas. Florical’s solutions support both traditional automation and IT-based playout systems. Florical effortlessly supports centralized control and monitor models, centralized acquisition, and enterprise-wide digital content distribution systems. From the very small to the very large installations, Florical customers reliably generate billions of dollars in revenue per year using our flagship system: AirBoss. Reliable, affordable, simple, and effortless Florical Systems. The Future is here: Florical.

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