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Marty Wind

2021 Broadcaster of the Year

(Published August 2021)

In the world of broadcasting, there are individuals who can do it all…kind of like a “one size fits all.”

Marty Wind is one of those rare individuals.

Marty Wind

He an excellent engineer, announcer, fundraiser, programmer, copy writer, newsman, public relations manager, general manager…you can just keep adding things.

In 1983, the Diocesan Telecommunications Corporation, a subsidiary of the Catholic Diocese of Corpus Christi, decided to apply for a non-profit radio license and their first move was to hire Marty Wind to assist in the application.

When the FCC approved their application, they hired Wind to be their “one-man band.” He began the engineering process and in March 1985, KLUX-FM 89.5 went on the air.

But before they flipped on the transmitter, Wind had to devise a programming format – no easy chore.

How do you take a faith-based radio station, licensed to the Catholic Church, and make it a mainstream station that could be enjoyed by all? Wind did it and called it “Good Company.”

They can’t sell commercials – so much of their existence depends on fundraising from the public.

It all began with one paid employee and today, 36 years later, they have ballooned up to five full time and one part-time paid employee.

“Marty Wind has always been a master at getting something for nothing,” said former TAB Chairman Bob White.

“He has a group of 20+ volunteers, myself included, who assist in the fundraisers, read public service announcements and many other things.

“And just so you know, KLUX 89.5, “Good Company,” is a highly rated station, especially with 35+ and has a TSL that will make your eyes water.”

Wind introduced digital radio broadcasting to the Coastal Bend area in 2006 and today, non-commercial station KLUX is a market leader in public service with a long list of achievements highlighted by courageous endeavors to remain on the air during hurricanes and the disastrous 2021 freeze.

KLUX was the only radio station to broadcast hourly reports consistently, 24 hours a day, during all these emergencies.

“Marty’s heartfelt commitment to fellow broadcasters and listeners is unmatched. He has programmed KLUX to be the gold standard in ‘positive’ radio,” White said.

“The commercials they aren’t allowed to broadcast are replaced by announcements regarding area events and positive messages that make you feel good about living in a world that is so filled with dissent and anger.

“That’s why he calls it ‘Good Company.’”

Wind retired on May 31, 2021 but says he’ll always be available for station needs, even as he keeps up with all his additional volunteer commitments and work for the Diocese.

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