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Jody Holland


August 2-3

JW Marriott

Downtown Austin

Jody Holland is a graduate of Angelo State University with a B.A. in Communications and M.S. in Applied Psychology. He has received specialized certifications in Team building, Leadership, Management, Fundraising, Personality Assessment, Physiognomy (Face Reading) and Conflict Management. He has worked with companies from Fortune 50 to small organizations. He measures the success of his programs by increasing performance for his clients’ companies and decreasing turnover.

Jody has worked in 14 countries to develop leadership, interpersonal skills, sales success, service excellence, and right attitudes. Jody is the author of 23 books with 8 on Audible and more than 30 training programs. He is a master-trainer in Team-Building, Leadership Development, Entrepreneurship, and Behavioral Sciences. He has delivered the keynote speech for more than 300 conferences, done hundreds of break-out sessions and has trained more than 200,000 leaders from all industries.

Jody has a unique style of bringing both education and entertainment to his lessons while inspiring others to see their own potential.

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