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What Should a Station Look Like in 2030?

Thurs., August 8 • 1-2 PM
Location: TBD
Speaker(s): Paul Jacobs, Jacobs Media

Categories: Radio/TV Managers

The only thing constant in broadcasting is change.

Technology, audience, staffing and other factors make it challenging to figure out the right moves and make the best decisions. 

In this “swirl,” it’s harder than ever for leaders to know where to place their bets, because it’s hard to know where things are heading.

Jacobs Media has been at the leading edge of change, helping the industry grapple with these crosscurrents. 

Their Techsurveys have provided important trending data on how the audience is consuming media, they’ve been focused on changes in entertainment systems in cars (that will impact both radio and television in the coming years), and have shined a light on technology changes through their visits to the Consumer Electronics Show.

So, TAB has given them an assignment – what should a station look like in 2030? 

  • What types of staff will be required? 
  • What does a building look like? 
  • Will transmitters be necessary? 
  • Who will be listening or watching?  What will our competition look like? 
  • And will robots be the new DJs and anchors?

This will be a fast-paced exploration designed to stimulate thinking to help managers put the decisions they are making today – and tomorrow – in perspective.

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