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Paul Jacobs

Jacobs Media

Paul Jacobs is the Vice President/General Manager of Jacobs Media, which for forty years has provided programming, digital, sales, and social media consulting to commercial, Christian, and public radio stations, including stations owned by Beasley, Hubbard, NPR, PRI, and many Public Radio stations. 

In a career in broadcasting and consulting that spans four decades, Jacobs began his career on the sales side of the business and WNIC and WRIF in Detroit, ultimately serving as a General Manager at radio stations in Dallas and Detroit before joining Jacobs Media in 1991.

In 2008, Jacobs also became the President of a startup mobile application development company – jacapps.  The company is one of the largest mobile application developers with over 1,300 apps developed worldwide.

Paul has been a tireless advocate for the industry, working with the automotive industry to insure radio’s place in the car today and in the future, the industry’s digital transformation, and future prospects for revenue generation.

Paul has served as Board Chair of Greater Public, which serves public radio and television stations, and is the past Board Chair of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters Foundation.

He was inducted into the Michigan Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2016, received the Rockwell Lifetime Achievement Award from The Conclave in 2019, and was awarded the Outstanding Alumni award from Michigan State University’s ComArtSci Department in 2021.

In 2022, Paul and his brother, Fred received the National Radio Award, the highest honor in the industry from the Nattional Association of Broadcasters.

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