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Jerry Gumbert

Audience Research & Development

Jerry Gumbert is the President and Chief Executive Officer of AR&D.

Mr. Gumbert is the steward of one of the most respected and beloved strategy and distruptive consulting and research corporations in America.  His strategic mission for AR&D focuses on three fundamental pillars:  deeply understanding the rapidly changing consumer, fostering innovation and embracing new technologies and expanding into new industries and markets.

Mr. Gumbert is a well-known thought-leader and strategic analyst, and is squarely focused on the changing behavior of the consumers. He uses the law of scarcity and the power of branding to realign products and services with new consumer demands and leads the internal transformation of companies and organizations with change management and workflow reengineering initiatives.

He has worked extensively in the public education, national and local television broadcasting and digital media industries for more than three decades.

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