Tim Winn

2023 George Marti Award for Engineering Excellence

Gray Television Amarillo

(Published August 2023)

Born and raised in Amarillo, Tim Winn has been an integral part of the success for KFDA/KEYU-TV for more than 40 years.

Much like George Marti, Winn is no stranger to innovation and helping his fellow broadcasters.

Tim Winn

Whether it’s an assistant engineer at his station, a crosstown competitor, one of the many stations under Gray TV’s umbrella or a local church or school – Winn displays a true passion for broadcasting.

“I had the pleasure to work alongside Tim when I became Chief Engineer of KFDA-TV in 1979,” said longtime Texas Engineer John Schilberg.

“I was immediately impressed by the depth of knowledge Tim had of our station’s studio cameras and other production equipment.

“I also discovered that Tim was also blessed with an extremely bright, adventurous, creative side for TV production and editing.

“In a matter of a few months, I learned he did “this” commercial or “that” commercial…or the 5, 6, and 10 O’clock news opens…or even a music video.”

And he didn’t just edit them. He wrote, shot, edited and produced them all from scratch!

Tim’s gift is still a deep understanding of technology coupled with a highly creative imagination.

It’s an extremely effective “one-two punch” that he’s been applying to his TV career since the mid 70’s.

Current KFDA-TV GM Brent McClure says – “Tim takes crazy ideas of mine and makes them real! His knowledge is truly amazing and practical and his experience helps us create unique solutions.”

In a small market with limited budgets and resources, being able to achieve maximum results is so very, very important.

Tim now oversees two full-power transmitters and 14 over the air signals.

He continued to set “Firsts” in Amarillo with the High-Definition move and launch of KFDA and now has new innovations that include live programming being produced – simultaneously – in two locations broadcast on TV, Radio and streaming platforms all at the same time.

Throughout his career, Tim has taken pride in hiring and developing great broadcasters.

His teaching, leadership and mentorship have led to seven people who have gone on to become chief engineers at other stations and in other markets – along with countless other industry sales and support techs.

In the Gray TV ranks, Tim is known as the “Adobe Premiere Whisperer.”

He helps professional creative producers across the country troubleshoot systems and is the group’s leading authority on building the best editor at the best prices.

His humble approach and teaching style is a true blessing to those that work with him. 

Colleagues salute his willingness to think creatively, keep an open mind to new ideas and create an atmosphere that fosters collaboration and teamwork.

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