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Round Rock, TX

Three Ways to Save Money on AM and FM Transmitters

Thurs., August 8 • 3-4 PM
Location: TBD
Speaker(s): Perry Priestley & Ben Marth, BE/Elenos

Categories: Radio Technical

This presentation will be a three-part presentation on key subjects in radio that are focused on saving money and increasing revenue.

The first discusses the advantages of a modular transmitter versus a main/standby transmitter system or no backup at all.

The second part of the presentation discusses MDCL, and although this technology has been around for over 10 years, a new simpler, quicker ROI, and cost-effective implementation is now available.

The last part of the presentation discusses how any radio station can significantly increase revenue for a very small investment and take full advantage of the RDS system.

Perry Priestley
Ben Marth

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