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Round Rock, TX

Broadcasting’s AI Evolution: A 2-Year Retrospective and 3-Year Forecast

Wed., August 7 • 2-3 PM
Location: Gray Television Ballroom
Speaker(s): Daniel Anstandig, CEO & Founder of Futuri

Categories: Radio/TV Managers & Sales

Kicking off the TAB conference with a keynote on AI, Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig will provide a candid look at how broadcasters have integrated AI over the past two years, sharing real-world successes, challenges, and lessons learned.

He’ll then offer a bold, research-backed forecast of where AI in broadcasting is headed over the next three years, covering areas such as personalized content, dynamic ad insertion, predictive analytics, and autonomous programming.

Whether you’re just starting to explore AI or are already leveraging it daily, you’ll walk away with a clear understanding of the current state of AI in broadcasting and a strategic roadmap for the future.

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