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Translating for Digital: How To Use Your Reporting Dashboards to Sell More Digital

Wed., August 7  • 5-6 PM
Location: TBD
Speaker(s): Jessica Jett Hill, Advantage Systems

Categories: Radio/TV Sales

Sharing a digital report with a client is great, but do your clients know what any of it actually means? 

Learn how to translate what those results mean for their business. 

In this session, we’ll review reports that you commonly have to share with your client- like Targeted Display, Geofencing, and SEO reports; plus we’ll also look at reports that the clients have to share with you like Google Business Profile and Google Analytics data. 

You’ll learn how to use these reports to fine tune your current strategies and look at expanding their campaign with more digital and/or broadcast to take those results to the next level.

Jessica Jett Hill

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