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Round Rock, TX

Continental Transmitter Maintenance Course (Part 1)

Tues., August 6  •  10 AM-5 PM
Location: Ballroom 10
Speaker(s): Steve Hasskamp; Bob Stroupe, iHeartMedia

Categories: Radio Managers & Technical

CEC is a world-leading manufacturer of FM Analog and Digital Broadcast Systems offering a full spectrum of FM Transmission Systems unsurpassed in performance, design and reliability.

This “hands-on” workshop will teach broadcast engineers how to best service the transmitters that have been in the field for more than 35 years.

A complete 816r series transmitter will be in the classroom for hands-on training and course study.

Each attendee also will receive a specially-designed 816r study guide.

Hasskamp is a longtime Continental design and field engineer who has traveled the world to install, maintain and repair all series of CEC transmitters.

Stroupe brings his knowledge of his days working on the Collins 831G2 into the 816r series of today.

Both instructors have maintained or repaired nearly every tube and solid-state manufactured AM and FM broadcaster transmitter produced in the last 50 years.

They bring more than 50 years of experience and knowledge in factory design and field work with this remarkable long-term running transmitter in Radio stations throughout the world.

All classes of this transmitter (from A to HD) will be discussed while the instructors and attendees are able to use hands-on as a better understanding of the transmitter’s functions and operations.

Registered attendees should send questions prior to the course in regards to issues they may have had on the 816r transmitter.

Email registration@tab.org and the instructors will be able to explain solutions and fixes during the class at the convention.

  • Space is Limited!

  • Separate Ticket Required ($150 Early: $225 Late)

  • Ticket Includes Parts 1 & 2

  • No On-Site Ticket Sales

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