Sarah Frazier

2022 Broadcaster of the Year

Audacy Houston

(Published August 2022)

It’s not much of a stretch at all to say that no one loves broadcasting more than Sarah Frazier.

Sarah Frazier

From being a voice for the community to selling the partnerships – Sarah strives to showcase the power of Radio to her listeners in the Greater Houston area.

Equipped with a keen business mind and a full heart, Sarah led the crafting of an astoundingly successful 2021 Audacy business plan and exceeded ALL expectations – from revenue to expense control and cash flow.

She accomplished these goals with her ever present positive energy – even in the face of the ongoing pandemic impacting her team, their families, audiences and advertisers.

At the same time, Sarah re-engineered her leadership team to smartly maximize performance within a challenging hybrid work environment.

Her focus and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is matched by few others.

She has always worked to empower women and show them they deserve a spot at the corporate media table.

Her innovative thinking has ensured Audacy Houston a prominent presence in the market over the last 10 years.

She continues to be extremely engaged with the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation and many other groups – including serving as TAB Board Chair in 2019 and many additional years as a director.

Not surprisingly, Sarah has proved to be a dynamic and effective advocate for Texas broadcasters in DC and in Austin.

She has made the industry’s case to Congress opposing a Performance Tax on Radio stations and helped lawmakers understand the increasingly unfair advertising competition we’re facing from Big Tech.

Her enthusiasm for public service informs her passion for Open Government and for broadcasters’ leading role as the backbone of the nation’s emergency communications system.

In times of crisis, she has endeavored to ensure her stations were doing whatever was necessary to keep the community informed – yes, even partnering with other stations to provide listeners wall-to-wall reporting on dangerous conditions.

And her operation is a national model for stepping up to help the Houston community recover from a disaster or celebrate a milestone!

Always leading, Sarah’s stations have routinely been one of the strongest supporters of TAB’s Public Education Partnership program throughout her tenure, extending TAB’s ability to provide invaluable services to member stations across the state.

“I couldn’t be more fortunate to have Sarah lead one of Audacy’s key strategic markets that I oversee as Regional President,” said Audacy’s Brian Purdy.

“I trust her ability to exceed financial targets and lead a culture of growth and ever-present transformation. She truly embodies our Audacy company values of Community, Curiosity, Courage and Creativity.”

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