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Libec Sales of America, Inc.

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Booth 524

Corporate Information

Web: www.libecsales.com
Phone: 310-787-9400
Address: 19301 Pacific Gateway Drive. Suite 220
Torrance, CA 90502
United States

About Libec Sales of America, Inc.

Libec has a wide range of camera supports including tripod and pedestal systems, Zoom Focus Demand, Studio Viewfinder, an electronically-controlled remote head, a telescopic jib arm, zoom controls, dollies, tracking rails, and more. Libec has not only achieved high repute in Japan, but also continuously gaining popularity worldwide. To satisfy customer demand, new products are always created by using a wide range of advanced technologies to enhance product functionality, operability, and durability. Libec shows consistent growth in recent years. In 2006, Libec Sales of America Inc. was founded in Los Angeles, California, a wholly owned sales subsidiary of Heiwa Seiki Kogyo Co., Ltd. To increase manufacturing capacity outside headquarters in Japan, Libec opened Libec Technology Taiwan Co., Ltd in 2007. In 2017, Libec opened Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary sales company in Singapore. We are also happy to announce new products this year. For details, contact us at info@libecsales.com, or visit us at www.libecsales.com.

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