Kathy Saunders

2022 Pioneer Broadcaster of the Year

KDFW/KDFI-TV Dallas-Fort Worth

(Published August 2022)

This year’s Pioneer of the Year has done more to serve Texas in terms of local news – in my opinion – than any other broadcaster.

Kathy Saunders, VP/GM of KDFW and KDFI-TV in Dallas-Fort Worth, has been with the Fox Television Stations since 1997 – making her the most tenured Television GM in our market.

With our industry’s focus on local journalism (as well as our politicians) I’m so very excited to be able to recognize an individual like Kathy.

She has always approached her work with one eye on the future of our industry and another on the community as she doubled down on local journalism.

Kathy has always stressed the importance of keeping her stations and staff connected with the community – no matter how they get their TV content.

She continues to push for a high-energy, digital approach to reaching viewers – whether it be breaking news, weather alerts or sports updates.

A champion for TAB, Kathy is a strong supporter of our industry, our association, local news, her company and her team.

On many occasions, she has jumped on a flight to DC, driven across town or joined virtual meetings when Oscar called to press our case on issues like retransmission consent, Open Government, or unfair competition from Big Tech.

Her leadership skills are reflected in the minimal staff turnover at her stations.

The fact that her news, weather and sports anchors have remained loyal to her speaks volumes to her servitude, people skills and integrity.

Her sales teams are always at the top of the game and the most aggressive in the market.

Customers and clients consistently comment on the professionalism of her teams.

I could go on for days – but suffice to say – “Kathy is the Real Deal!”

And she accomplished everything when very few women were given changes to run their own stations – much less in a Top 10 Television Market!

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