August 2-3

JW Marriott

Downtown Austin

Della Bryant

Malone Media Group

Della Bryant has been with Malone Media Group for the past 10 years. She currently holds the position of Vice President – Integrated Marketing.  She leads her team to negotiate and develop media strategy that is the most efficient and effective for their clients.

Della is communication and process driven in all aspects of her work.  Her 35+ years in marketing include media sales and management, automotive new car manager and owning of her own agency.  

Della has worked on successful marketing campaigns that have brought clients as much as 50% increase in media delivery. She’s been recognized within Malone Media Group by being given the “Grinder of the Year” award in 2017.

In her spare time, Della enjoys spending time with her family and embracing her new “tiny living” experiment.

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