August 2-3

JW Marriott

Downtown Austin

Christina Olivarez

Christina SBG LLC & Hustle + Socialize, LLC

Christina Jovanna Olivarez is a three-time award-winning Social Media & Business Coach, Community Builder, Trainer, and TEDx Speaker. With a passion for online marketing, entrepreneurship, and women empowerment, Christina has impacted thousands of minority-owned businesswomen, CEOs, executive directors, corporate & Non-Profit organizations, political candidates, and elected officials over the last ten years.

Through private 1-1 coaching, group coaching, the Hustle + Socialize conference & community, and speaking, Christina creates a unique experience for her clients to develop an intentional plan of action that will skyrocket them to achieving their goals.

Her results-oriented, step-into-your-power approach opens up new possibilities for her clients. It has them stay consistent with producing extraordinary results, including increased visibility online & offline and revenue dollars. She has been featured in over 50+ Podcast guest spots & TV expert appearances & digital and physical articles, including USA Today, CNN, and the San Antonio Express-News.

Christina is also very passionate about civic engagement and mentoring youth. She regularly works with non-profit organizations to mobilize the Latino vote during various election cycles. Additionally, she impacts the next generation through mentoring programs and speaking engagements with non-profit organizations such as NAWBO’s Entrepreneurial Connections, Girls Inc, The Boardroom Project, Latinitas, New Leaders Council San Antonio, and city Leaders for the City of San Antonio’s Girls Empowerment Summit.

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